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Web Accessible Forms

Web Accessible Forms Short Course

Dates and Registration

  • Course Dates: November 14th to December 6th (4 weeks), 2011
  • Days: Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Times: 3:00-4:00pm Central Time (Chicago Local Time)
  • Location: On-line using Elluminate web conferencing technology

Cost and registration information

$295 for general public

$245 for WOW members, educational institutions, and government employees

Volume Discounts

1st person from organization standard rate
2nd person from organization 15% discount
3rd person (or more) from same organization 25% discount
Contact us by using the “contact us” form for volume registration details.

Problems of Web Design

Creating web forms that are accessible to people with disabilities requires understanding of the labeling features of HTML markup and how browsers interpret labeling markup for assistive technologies like screen readers.

The course will start by using simulations to help participants understand the issues people with disabilities face when using the web. Participants will learn the basics of labeling form controls, how to indicate required controls and provide feedback on invalid responses in a way that is usable by people with disabilities. Examples of more complex labeling of form controls for dates, phone numbers, validation codes and high density surveys will be included in the course.

Participants will learn CSS techniques to layout form controls without using tables and how to highlight the active form control using CSS pseudo elements. The last part of the course will provide a preview of the form labeling capabilities of the new Accessibility Rich Internet Accessibility (ARIA) specifications which provide new capabilities to label form controls and provide accessible feedback on form validation as required by the W3C Web Content

Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Who Should Participate in the Course?

This course is designed for web developers interested in learning about the disability access issues faced by people with disabilities in using the web and how web forms can be designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. Participants should be familiar with HTML coding and the form elements. Knowledge of basic CSS techniques and javascripting will be helpful, but not a required part of the course.

Disability Accommodation

If you have a disability and you require an accommodation, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.


The course will consist of mostly of synchronous lectures supplemented with some short videoes (10-20 minutes) to demonstrate concepts, short quizes will be used to verify knowledge of concepts presented in the lectures and assigment to provide practice using the concepts.

An e-mail list will be used for asking questions and discussing the course inbetween the on-line lectures.

It is anticpated that students on the average will spend 3-5 hours on course work including the on-line lecture per week.

A on-line lecture one a week or 1 hour will review the asynchoronous part of the course and introduce new concepts and provide a means to ask questions synchorously of the instructor.

Note: All online lectures will be archived and available to particpants after each lecture.

Syllabus for On-line Accessible Web Forms Course

Day Learning Activity
Testing Elluminate

November 11th
10:00am CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

Week 1: Alternative Views of the Web and Basic Form Accessibility

November 14th
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Alternative views of the web

November 15th
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Evaluation Toolbars
  • Checkboxes

November 17th
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Web Based Evaluation Tools
  • Text Box Accessibilty
Week 2: Grouping and Formatted Input

November 21st
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Radio Buttons
  • Groups of related controls

November 22nd
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Select
  • Phone Numbers
  • Date Pickers
Week 3: Error Feedback, Complex Forms and ARIA

November 28th
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Validation and Error Feedback

November 29th
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • Complex Forms

December 1st
3:00pm CDT
(Chicago Local Time)

  • ARIA for labeling, invalid controls and alerting
Week 4: Open Discussion

December 6th

3:00pm CDT

(Chicago Local Time)

  • OPEN DISCUSSION: Open question on web form accessibility and review of websites being developed by particpants

Cost and registration information

$295 for general public

$245 for WOW members, educational institutions, and government employees

If you have questions or if you have unique requirements including the need for disability accommodation please contact us by clicking here for our contact page.