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Web Professional Certification Testimonials

What Others are Saying About Web Professional Certifications

Daniel Tysor, Moore Norman Technology Center Interview Transcript:

Bill Cullifer, I’m here with Daniel Tysor, Instructor at Moore Norman Technology Center in Norman, Oklahoma at the 2011 National Web Designing Contest in Kansas City. Good afternoon Daniel thanks for being to the interview.

Daniel Tysor: Thanks, I’m glad to be here…

Bill Cullifer, Daniel, you provide and have been providing a WOW Web Professional certification to your students for at least 11 years that I know off.

Daniel Tysor: That’s correct.

Bill Cullifer, Right, so how has that been going for you and why WOW certification?

Daniel Tysor: Well it’s been going excellent with us, we’ve had a very good success rate, I’m looking at probably about 98% success rate with our students. It works out well for us because it allows us to have the flexibility to teach the objectives, it’s about it also gives us a way to tell the students that there is an outcome that they can focus to. And that’s one of the biggest advantages of using a WOW is it allows the students to actually say, hey I am certified to be a professional web designer.

Bill Cullifer, Appreciate that and you have compared that to a lot of other programs and you, you selected the WOW organization.

Daniel Tysor: Right, because it’s program neutral, we don’t have to worry about working with a particular product or a certain agency in particular, it allows us to teach the objectives as opposed to teach the text.

Bill Cullifer, I appreciate that and you are here today to take in the design contest and what else, what do you want to take back home from this stop in Kansas City?

Daniel Tysor: Well, one of the things I wanted to take home is just the, to explain the students, the very good students, they would have to go through…