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As you probably know by having read the site, is a non-profit, membership organization whose goal is to support web professionals everywhere.

All of us at want to let you know that was put together for a number of important reasons, all of them concerned about the quality of your education and the long-term health and happiness of your career. To that end, and its member volunteers work with a wide range of partners in order to better address these educational and career-oriented needs.

Careers in the Web Profession

Web professionals work in one of the most exciting industries of our time. Not only are there new technologies and exciting solutions being developed every day, but the scope of the profession offers something for everyone. If you’ve ever thought about being a Web professional, check out our WOW and the Webmaster presentation.

If you’re already working as a Web professional, be sure to visit our Education and Certification centers.

Events and Web Site Areas of Interest

WOW works with a variety of partners to bring you exceptional events focusing on education, certification, and of course community. Be sure to check out:

So, please take some time and look around the web site and examine what we have to offer. And, as always, if you have any questions at all please feel free to visit our contact page to get in touch or call the WOW office workdays, Central Time, (662) 493-2776 [aka 662-4WebPro].