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Iron Chef Competition

wow-iron-chefWOW Iron Chef competitions are live, exciting events where participants compete for excellence in a given specialty area of the Web profession.

The competitions take place on the exhibit floors of some of the industry’s most important gatherings: Comdex, Seybold, and Network+InterOp. Tapping into the talents of partners, members, conference attendees, and the community at large, WOW’s Iron Chef competitions combine spicy entertainment with timely and satisfying education.

The benefits of participation are many. You will:

  • Have a fun-filled learning experience in a team environment
  • Get exposure for being part of a great experience
  • Receive event scholarships
  • Compete to win!
  • Expand your opportunities for success
  • If you’d like to be part of an Iron Chef event, we’d like to hear from you! So sign up today.

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