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Web Professional Training Courses

Web Design, Web Development, Web Business Training

Sponsored by the not for profit the Web Professional Training Courses offers the following unique combination of features:

* High quality and affordability
* Self paced and directed and instructor led
* Certificate of completion or participation from
* Where applicable, your own server space for the duration of course

Web Professional Specialty Training Courses list

Web Design Foundations Course
This course is a eighteen-session Web Design Foundations Course that provides students with a solid foundation of the fundamentals of Web Design.
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Self-Paced and Directed Course Option

Self-Paced and Directed training materials provide you the option to access the content on your time schedule that’s more economical and also to use it as a reference when you are working on a project. The Self-Paced and Directed Packages are the most comprehensive Web professional training resources available! We provide a wide range of self-directed Web professional training courses designed to help you stay ahead of the game.

Self-Paced and Directed Features
* Up to Date Content
The manuals provided are continually updated and students will have access to download the updated manuals for one year.
* Step-by-Step Labs
These courses contain Labs designed to help students learn by doing.
* Videos
Our goal is to provide you with relevant training resources via the online portal to watch hands on instructor videos.