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Web Professionals Global is proud to once again support state SkillUSA web design and development competitions in 2024. This will be the third year we have helped states ahead of the national competition in June in Atlanta, GA. Before reading on, check out our article from 2022 outlining the new streamlined model we created so states could more easily run their own competitions. 

SkillsUSA state competitions can be run in person or entirely online, making it easy for more students to join and participate in each state. Not only does the new approach make it easier for any state to run their own web design and development competition, but it also ensures that every state is conducting their own competition to prepare students for the national competition. This model gives all states the same turnkey resources to ensure a successful competition that engages students. We are seeing the tangible results of our efforts as states that utilize our support have been better prepared for the national competition in the summer.

What does the Web Professionals Global Competition pack include?

Competitor Support

  • Online web design exam similar to what the competitors might see at nationals 
  • Competition project with client assets and judging rubrics 
  • Handouts for competitors with overview and links to resources
  • Online development environment “IDE” for each competitive team

State Event Team and Judge Support

With easy access to competitor IDEs, judges can quickly judge the websites. Judge training videos aligned to the state level competition help them understand how to use the scoring rubric to judge similar to how the national event is judged. There is also a competition scoring rubric tied to the unique competition problem “The Work Order.” And national event team mentors access allows state-level event coordinators to get extra help running their state events. 

“Web Professionals Global wants to thank all of the Web Design National Event team members who helped us build this year’s state competition package and support the state competition event teams.” – Mark DuBois, Executive Director of Web Professionals Global and Tech Chair for the National SkillsUSA Web Design and Development competition


Here are a few testimonials from organizers on state teams we have worked with in past years:

“The supplied client assets and coding environment were easy to use, and the collaborative piece between team members was invaluable for them to see real-time results. Mark and his team were invaluable in not only providing a real-time environment for students to code a website, but their attention to detail is impeccable. They are readily available to answer any questions and offered tips in advance to help the competition run as smoothly as possible. They made me feel much more comfortable knowing they were a phone call or email away. I would highly recommend using their product for any web design competition.” – Matt MacKay, WCSD Signature Academies & CTE Department, Nevada

Mark, your platform and contest is very well-designed and easy to use. The students truly loved competing in this contest! I can’t wait to see what you all have for nationals as well. It’s going to be wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed the integration into this year’s contest and look forward to working with you again on next year’s contest!” – Renee Blackshear, Instructor, Statewide Faculty Senate, SkillsUSA Texas

2024 Schedule

Below is the schedule so far for the 2024 state competitions:

  • Washington: March 22
  • South Carolina: March 27
  • Vermont: April 4
  • Texas: April 6
  • Nevada: April 11
  • Florida: April 16
  • Oklahoma: April 21-22
  • Kansas: April 24-25
  • Illinois: April 25

Visit here for more information on SkillsUSA state and local competitions. If you are interested in working with Web Professionals Global to run your own state web design and development competition, please contact us today.