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Certification Benefits

Let’s face it, its a competitive job market out there. As prospective employees, we need to stand out of the crowd. aka World Organization of Webmasters (WOW), working with industry and education, has developed the Certified Web Professional (CWP) program. certification exams are based on industry-identified core competencies in both general and specific areas of practice.


  • Identify skills associated with current demands of all types of small, medium and large organizations.
  • To define key Web skills necessary to deploy Web based solutions.
  • To create content, curriculum and examinations based directly on the need of HR managers, hiring managers, business managers and Web Professionals worldwide.


How do businesses and organizations benefit from Certified Web Professional Program?

Businesses benefit from certification because they will have a benchmark to compensate, measure and evaluate employees’ Web skills for roles within the organization.

How do individuals benefit from WOW’s Certified Web Professional Program?

Individuals benefit by:

  • increasing value and income
  • developing the skills necessary to be aware of the issues and to implement solutions in today’s increasingly complex computing environment,
  • keeping up with ever-changing technologies and
  • differentiating themselves.

How do educators and educational institutions benefit from Certified Web Professional Program?

  • provides educational institutions with recourses to map curricula to national standards
  • extend their formal university education training to include technology training for future workers. Provide professional staff development that is relevant to the subjects they teach

What others are saying about Certification programs?

“Any industry that wants to be taken seriously needs to have set of coherent standards and thanks to WOW we are working towards that. The WOW exam was extremely difficult but thorough. I feel I’ve found the right organization to hook up with.”

Steve Zachar, Senior Web Producer, Electronic Commerce Department, Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC and WOW Certified Professional Web Developer

“I have taken the other certifications exams and I know after taking WOW’s exams the chances of a 15 year old opening a book and talking practice test to pass the exam is non existent. I have the confidence that a WOW certified professional is someone who has the skills and can do the job.”

Kathy Johnson, Assistant Professor of DeVry University and WOW Certified Web Administrator Associate.

“The WOW Web Developer certification course was the best of show. Molly Holzschlag was fantastic! The WOW exam covered the right breadth and depth of knowledge that a professional Web Developer should posses. Very well done.”

Inigo Figuracion, Webmaster and WOW Certified Professional Web Developer, Zoological Society of San Diego.

“Continued collaboration between SJCC and professional organizations such as WOW enable us to serve our students better by providing current information about job skills and employment opportunities.”

Lucy Dodge, San Jose City College.