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About Web Professionals

Community, Education, Certification aka the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites.

The organization provides education and training resources as well as certification for the aspiring, the practicing and those that teach. Member advantage services including discounts on software and hardware are also available. For a complete narrative on the over 2 decade  history of the organization, check out the Backgrounder.

Mission statement

  • Foster professional standards
  • Advocate on behalf of aspiring and practicing web professionals
  • Provide for communication among all web professionals, including corporate webmasters, developers and designers in government, business, and education, independent web professionals, and the aspiring such as students
  • Provide for education through the development of curriculum standards, publishing of articles and books, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences
  • Stimulate the continued growth of the Web by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues
  • Provide security, legal and marketing white papers as well as an area on the latest trends in the Internet on each of those


As the Internet evolves, the role of the Web professional will evolve with it. envisions itself as a community of common interest, where individuals can find common ground for communication and education, regardless of their specific responsibilities or abilities. This organization will be open to anyone in the world who believes in our philosophy and sincerely desires to enhance their capabilities and that of the World Wide Web. It will be administered by its members in accordance with democratic principles.

Community is the heart of any great professional organization. Membership and volunteering in is enormously beneficial both to you, and to the community at large. Join today!


The organization is supported by a consortia of industry professionals, publishers, educators, government agencies and groups coming together for the benefit promoting awareness and jobs within the Web profession.

The organizations key initiatives for example aim to support and advocate on behalf of the Web profession and Web centric occupations by:

• convening stakeholders to establish collaboration between business, the Web and IT profession, education and government to develop a clear, concise and consistent communication strategy regarding why innovation and information technology is good for business, commerce, competitiveness and jobs.

• developing an effective advocacy plan and implementation strategies that support the adoption and best practices.

• promoting general awareness of Career Technical Education (CTE) and information technology (IT) through websites, workshops, conferences and award ceremonies.

• fostering relationships and linkages between business and industry, education, career technical student organizations and government agencies to insure a continual pipeline of IT professionals with skills that aligns to industry demand.

• promoting digital literacy into general education curriculum to equip all graduates with these basic skills.

• Identifying and aligning resources that will assist students, teachers, career changers and the incumbent workers to prepare for the IT profession and employment.

• focusing on promoting diversity and under-represented groups, difficult to reach populations and non-traditional learning organizations including women and minorities.

• providing relevant, workable, accessible instructional design strategies for learners in traditional and online methods in partnership with K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and Regional Occupational Programs