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Certified Remote Working Professional (CRWP)

Overview Remote Working Professional Course with Certification

Based on research of industry needs, competencies and skill sets identified as essential for remote workers, non-technical and technical industries and career pathways, has designed the following guidelines, learning and training objectives as a foundation for those pursuing knowledge, experience, and/or careers as Remote Working Professionals. The guidelines and objectives are designed to make the learning experience comparable to corporate professional training and development programs available globally. After engaging in the interactive training and integrated assessments, and confirming knowledge of the CRWP guidelines, individuals may receive the endorsed Certified Remote Working Professional Certification.

Self-Directed Training

Benefiting from a rich source of industry experts who are remote working professionals, employers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote managers the CRWP training is designed to quickly deliver a foundational set of understanding and competencies identified as essential for remote workers employed as either non-technical or technical individuals in all industries and career pathways. 


The Certified Remote Working Professional training with embedded certification  teaches and assesses the key set of fundamental competencies for aspiring or practicing Remote Working Professionals. Integrating the credentials exam within the course experience measures the learner’s understanding of the key concepts of the training. The examinee must demonstrate basic knowledge of remote workplace concepts, ethics, scheduling, distractions, motivation, communications, conflict resolution, cross cultural issues, security, privacy, workspace safety, web meeting etiquette, and work-life balance. The skills and knowledge measured in this course are derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis that was validated through a survey of professionals. The intent is to certify individuals in a baseline body of knowledge that is identified and accepted as the baseline or foundation for any remote working professional in any industry. 

The examinees complete the assessment concurrently to the training. The certification course is currently only available in English and only available online.

NOTE: This course content and integrated examination blueprint for the CRWP includes weighting, concept objectives, and example content. Example topics and concepts are included to clarify the overall depth of the content and embedded exam and should not be construed as a comprehensive listing of all the content. 

The table below lists the domains of this training and credentialing experience and percentage of content applied.

Topics of the include:

Domain %
Overview Remote Working Growth, Career Pathway 10%
Organization of Workspace, Safety, Responsibility 5%
Working Smart and Productively, Professionalism, Self-Management 25%
Working and Communicating with Others 20%
New Dynamics of Remote Work, Results-Only Work Environment 15%
Ethical Consideration in the Remote Workplace 10%
Cyber and Data Security, Backup  15%

Certification Measurement Process Description

The examinee completes the training and answers the exam questions as presented during each training module. Questions are designed following accepted training assessment standards, and possible test item formats used in this examination are:

Multiple-choice: The examinee selects one or more options that best answer the question or completes a statement.

Matching: The examinee matches one option with the definition that best answers the question or completes a statement.

Sample Directions: The examinee reads the statement or question and, from the response options, select only the option(s) that represent(s) the most correct or best answer(s).

Content may include the following. Since questions are pulled from pools of questions, not all aspects may be covered on every exam. Below is a list of topics for each course objective.

Content Domains and Topics 

The course is under regular vetting and revision. The world of work is constantly changing; therefore, the content of this training and the focus of measurement applied to the learner for credentialing will be adjusted over time. Below is a sample list of topics for each module of the course. This is not a comprehensive list. If you require additional information, please reach out to You can also get started today.

Welcome and Overview

Why Earn an International Industry-Recognized Certification?

Building Your Career

You Choose Your Path

What is Remote Work?

The Growth of Remote Work

How Your Skills Can Help You Transition into a Remote Career?

What You Will Learn in this Course?


Organizing Your Home Workspace

Setting Up Your Space

What Matters in Your Remote Workspace?

All the World is a Stage

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel


Working Smart and Productively

Establishing a Morning Routine

Always Be Ready – Dress Professionally

Creating a Daily Schedule

Staying Motivated

Distractions and Staying in “Flow”

Committing to Move

Creating a Work-Life Balance

Avoiding Isolation

Building Relationships With Co-Workers


Working and Communicating with Others

How to Communicate Effectively


Video Meetings

Messengers and Team Collaboration Apps

Email, Phone, Text: When and Why?

Working with People in Different Cultures

Treating Everyone as a Customer

Dealing with Conflict

The Power of Empathy


New Dynamics of Remote Work

Results-Only Workplace Environment 

The Importance of Showing Results

When Tech Fails

How to Plan Your Success Story


Ethical Considerations

That One Thing

The Importance of Ethics

Ethical Standards Commitment –

Your Ethical Guidelines


Insights from Remote Working Professionals

Cyber and Data Security

When Things Go Wrong – Data and Hardware

When Things Go Wrong – Internet

Your Cyber and Data Security Checklist

Tax Considerations


Interview Preparation Course

This course and its twenty plus sections are included in the training, but are not assessed as part of the CRWP credential. The CRWP certification is focused solely on the foundational concepts and skills for a remote working professional, and does not pertain to interview preparation for a remote job. 

When you are ready to pursue this certification, you can get started today.