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Drupal Fundamentals

Drupal Fundamentals Course

Length: 4 weeks

This Drupal Fundamentals course is an introduction to the Drupal Content Management System. Content Management Systems are becoming a popular way to build websites, especially for non-profit organizations with limited budgets and for internal company websites where the company wishes to give employees the ability to update content without needing to know how to code web pages. Drupal is Open Source, which means that it is free. Its popularity has led to the development of a wide range of modules to add to its capabilities and aid in customizing it to fit the needs of your site. Topics will include:

• Installing Drupal
• Changing the Site Template
• Adding Content to Drupal
• User Administration
• Navigation in Drupal
• Backing up and/or Restoring a Drupal site
• Adding Drupal Modules
• Introduction to styling your Drupal site

Who should take this course: Anyone who is interested in using Drupal to create a website, or who is exploring the capabilities of different Content Management Systems. This is designed to quickly get even a beginner up to speed and with a usable site by the end of the course. No HTML/CSS coding experience is necessary for most of the course, though it would be useful to know when the course covers styling your Drupal site. However, as changing the style of your Drupal site is not necessarily a requirement to use Drupal, HTML/CSS knowledge is not a prerequisite.

What is included: Step-by-step handouts, hands-on labs, constructive feedback from instructor on all assignments, and the ability to redo labs until understanding and a satisfactory grade is achieved.

Syllabus for Drupal Fundamentals

Week 1 Intro to Drupal, Installation, changing the site theme Instructor supplied materials

Lab 1 (Lab will be reviewed by instructor when complete)

Lab due: Friday of Week 2

Week 2 Adding Modules to Drupal Instructor supplied materials

Lab 2 (Lab will be reviewed by instructor when complete)

Lab due: Friday of Week 3

Week 3 Adding Content to Drupal, Drupal Navigation

Adding Users

Instructor supplied materials

Lab 3 (continued) (Lab will be reviewed by instructor when complete)

Lab due: Friday of Week 4

Week 4 Styling your Drupal Site, Drupal Comments, Drupal Backup Instructor supplied materials


Lab due: Friday of week 4

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