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Fundamentals of Web Design

Fundamentals of Web Design “Self-Paced and Directed” Course Option with WOW Certification Exam Option


The Fundamentals of Web Design Self-Paced and Directed Course Option with WOW Certification Exam Option Training course is designed to guide the student to understanding and competency in web design and development. In order to become successful in the web design field, it is essential to master the concepts, techniques, and languages that are currently in demand. In looking at the wide range of technologies currently in use on the web, however, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the variety of techniques and technologies being deployed today. The Web Professional Training courses are designed to provide a good foundation in the fundamental technologies that are in use today, as well as provide training for those technologies which have emerged as stable platforms for development. This allows the student to focus on the essential technologies they really need to know, and provides focus on the technologies that appear to be the industry leaders rather than simply “following the fads” that may or may not be around in a few years.

Sponsored by the not for profit Web Pro Training offers the following unique combination of features:

* High quality and affordability
* Self paced and directed and instructor led
* Certificate of completion or participation from
* Where applicable, your own server space for the duration of course

Self-Paced and Directed Course Option

Self-Paced and Directed training materials provide you the option to access the content on your time schedule that’s more economical and also to use it as a reference when you are working on a project. The Self-Paced and Directed Packages are the most comprehensive Web professional training resources available! We provide a wide range of self-directed Web professional training courses designed to help you stay ahead of the game.

Self-Paced and Directed Features
* Up to Date Content
Online manuals provided are continually updated and students will have access to download these for one year.
* Real world assignments
These courses contain Labs designed to help students learn by doing.
* Captioned Videos
Our goal is to provide you with relevant training resources via the online portal to watch hands on instructor videos.

Class Demonstration and What you Can Expect Online


Those who successfully complete the coursework by achieving satisfactory grades on at least 80% of the labs, and an average score of 80% on quizzes, will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the courses. Students who do not successfully complete the labs and quizzes (or who choose not to complete them) will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

Course lengths vary, but the student can expect to spend approximately 4-6 hours per week (or topic). Students may complete the courses at their own pace, though it is suggested that at least one module per week be completed for optimum success. Too long between modules can impede recall of previous class materials, and each module builds on the previous one. Conversely, though the student could certainly spend more time per week and complete the course at a faster pace, it is suggested that the student not rush to get through the material, but spend enough time to learn each topic thoroughly before proceeding to the next.

Students will be provided with space on a class web server for the duration of the course to provide them with an area to work.

Class instructors are available via phone or e-mail; some instructors encourage text messaging as well.

Register Today! Cost – $895 for general public, $875 for WOW members, educators, and government employees.

For the general public

For WOW members, educators, and government employees

For questions about WOW’s course or for registration information please contact WOW by completing the contact form on the contact page.

The following list of courses are included in the Fundamentals of Web Design course package:

* HTML5 course
* CSS Fundamentals course
* Web Design Fundamentals course
* Web Layout course
* Web Accessibility Fundamentals course
* PHP Fundamentals course
* JavaScript Fundamentals course


Courses include: Guided readings, hands-on labs, captioned video lectures for selected topics, hands-on projects, quizzes, constructive feedback from instructor on assignments, and the ability to redo labs until understanding and a satisfactory grade is achieved.