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Individual Thank You

Why participate in a professional association?

  • Professional organizations are a great way for those just starting out in their careers such as students in Web Design and Web Development to make connections with industry.
  • Industry organizations and professional groups are an untapped goldmine of the job search and career advancement universe.

Specific Benefits:

  • Bullet item on your resume
  • Free Jobs Postings on the # 1 Web Professional Job posting website
  • Post your Portfolio on the Web Professional Directory
  • See what opportunities and challenges are in the Web industry
  • Access to experts in the field – speakers, other members, sponsors
  • SWAG – discounts or free books, magazines, access to webinars, e-learning, certification exam vouchers
  • References other than your mom, dad, teacher or friends
  • Exclusive or early notification of job opportunities

Stand out in the Crowd

As the President of a professional organization,, I often hear about job opportunities directly from industry leaders and recruiters looking for their next Web Design or Development Rock-star or leader. They know that most of the people that regularly participate as members of the organization are passionate about their craft and are interested in staying at the front of the pack.

In this economy, most organizations can afford to hold out for the best. Position yourself to be one of them!

Steps to take advantage of your one year complimentary membership courtesy of

Please complete the following form with “Web Design and Development Rocks” in the subject line. We will contact you in a day or two.

Be active

Many associations are run by just a small handful of people, many of whom also juggle full time jobs and wear multiple hats. This means we’re thrilled for any assistance, particularly from a motivated professionals and students. Consider volunteering for a task that will help build your experience (writing an article for blog then put this on your resume as experience in your field.

Leverage the role

It’s perfectly acceptable–encouraged, in fact–to list volunteer work on your resume. Hiring managers look for meaningful volunteer experience and a true connection to your line of work when making decisions. Don’t be shy about touting what you’ve done with an influential group in your field.