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As a community of like minded aspiring and practicing web professionals, we are committed to education (in addition to certification and more) and we welcome you to this page. We would like you to have the opportunity to periodically receive our newsletter. This newsletter is designed for web professionals and aspiring web professionals who want an inside peek into all things web. We focus on selected aspects of web tech in each issue. Some links in the newsletter will only be available to our members, but the gist of each newsletter will have information which you can use immediately.

As a professional teacher, or student who is working towards getting your first international industry recognized certification you will find this newsletter insightful.

Sign up for our periodic newsletter (below). We use MailChimp to manage this information. We will never share/ sell your information. We do not do that to our community. Community is the first responsibility of our mission and we take that very seriously. This is part of what has helped us thrive throughout the world as a not for profit since our inception in 1997. We make this periodic newsletter available to members and non-members free of charge. Note that some links in our newsletter will only available to members.

Note to teachers (for students under the age of 15) – please confirm the student has permission from their parent/ guardian and only uses their school email address. We trust that anyone completing this form meets necessary national, state/ province and local laws.