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Web Professional Survey is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites. provides education as well as certification, technical, employment and member advantage services to thousands of aspiring and practicing web professionals worldwide. conducts regularly scheduled survey’s of the web professional community to better understand current tools and resources available for webmaster training and skill enhancement.

2012 Survey Executive Summary

The information provided in this Executive Summary is based on market analysis conducted by, statistical data collected from annual Web professional survey.

The goal of this summary is to provide the reader with a broad overview of the opportunities in the Web profession and the skills required in today’s competitive job marketplace.

Disclaimer: This information is provided by as a public service. urges reader’s research opportunities in the careers of their own choosing utilizing this summary as a guideline only.

Top Study Findings

  • Despite the downturn in the economy the future looks incredibly bright for Web professionals. Thanks in part to growing demand for e-commerce, the scenes behind the millions of electronic transactions everyday are the individuals and teams of Designers, Developers, Administrators, Marketers and Managers that make up and manage web sites.
  • The vast majority (80%) of all Information Technology (IT) workers including Web professionals work for small companies.
  • 92% of the IT professionals work for non IT companies.
  • Management and employability skills (non technical) play a major role in the employment picture for Web professionals.
  • IT Certifications are becoming more broadly accepted and recognized as a means to benchmark skills and to develop a pathway for employment.

Current Industry Trends: getting the job

  • The popularity of out sourcing among non-IT companies as a means of backfilling vacant positions continues to grow.
  • As a result of a weak economy millions have been lost
  • The demand for efficiency and economies of scale have resulted in upswing among many smaller more agile companies. attributes much of this success as it relates to the Web from the expense of travel, the expense of traditional print. However, competition demand for skilled employees/contractors<./li>

Keeping the job: An employee perspective on staying employed

  • Although the competition is fierce the demand for IT professionals outstrips the supply.
  • Brush up your skills. Employers and hiring managers alike seek employees that can deliver a project on time and within budget.
  • Develop a strong work ethic and manage your time responsibly
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Be creative and proactive in searching for employment opportunities

Keeping the job: An employer perspective on retaining Web professionals

  • It’s less expensive to spend the money for training an existing employee than to hire a new one.
  • Companies can keep their talented employees on the job with minimal interruptions.
  • Every retained employee gives and edge over potential competitors.
  • Flexibility in hours, work environment and dress rank the second highest in job satisfaction second to money.

Hot Web Professional Titles

Hot skills

For the Web Designer:

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Web graphics, Web multimedia, Web site design, Web site management, Responsive and Mobile Web, Usability, and basic legal issues.

For the Web Developer:

Knowledge of programming, markup, scripting, dynamic web site technologies, Mobile application development Servers, Networking, and Web Security and Web Business Management that includes basic legal issues and Web Accessibility.

For the Web Administrator:

Knowledge of Site Admin & Maintenance, Networking Basics, Hardware and infrastructure, Web Business Management, Security

For the Webmaster:

The examinee must demonstrate knowledge of Internet basics, HTML, Web graphics, Web multimedia, Web site design, Web site management, Web project management, Web marketing, Web accessibility.


No matter which aspect of the Web profession you’d like to be in, it’s becoming clear that a balance between breadth knowledge and depth knowledge within the field must be met. With very few exceptions, most Web professionals wear many hats, and have to be able at the very least to communicate effectively with team members, clients, as well as do the job efficiently.

WOW will have a new survey in 2013.