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Schedule a Certification Exam

There are three primary ways to take exams,these are detailed on this page:

  • Attend or Partner special events
  • Take the exam at a wide range of testing centers throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Take the exam online

Taking the Exam while attending special events exams are also delivered in partnership with major national and international IT and Web education conferences. certification exams are very rigorous by industry standards and are delivered in a proctored (instructor led) environment. Exams include multiple choice and other types of questions. Practicing professionals may be asked to provide a portfolio (examples) of their work (for the professional exam they are taking). Identification will be required. If you have questions please contact today.

Taking the Exam online

Step 1. Register and pay for the exam
Step 2. WOW will contact you in 24-48 hours to schedule
Step 3. WOW will provide access credentials so you can complete the exam online. Online exams consist of questions (such as multiple choice). Examinees may be asked to provide a portfolio (examples) of their work (depending on the level of exam they seek).
Step 4. WOW will contact you with results (usually in less than a week)
Step 5. Upon successfully passing the exam WOW will send you a PDF certificate (usually in about a week)

Note: Because it is widely recognized that there is now so much breadth and depth to be learned to be a practicing Web professional, has created a four (4) tiered certification program including novice, apprentice, associate, and professional level certifications. What differentiates the titles is the passing score and review of submitted portfolios. Those seeking professional level certifications will be asked to provide examples of at least two websites they have created or maintain. Professional level exams may also include a practicum (where individuals are asked to complete a series of specific tasks on a provided website).

Select the desired exam from the links below to pay and register for your exam.

Professional level exams

CPW (Certified Professional Webmaster) exam

CPWDS (Certified Professional Web Designer) exam

CPWDV (Certified Professional Web Developer) exam

CPWA (Certified Professional Web Administrator) exam

CWAnim (Certified Professional Web Animator ) exam

CWMA (Certified Professional Web and Mobile App Developer ) exam

CPWPA (Certified Professional WP Administrator ) exam

Associate level exams

CWDSA (Certified Web Designer Associate) exam

CAW (Certified Associate Webmaster) exam

CWDVA (Certified Web Developer Associate) exam

CWAA (Certified Web Administrator Associate) exam

CWAnim-associate (Certified Web Animator Associate) exam

CWMA-associate (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Associate) exam

CWPA-associate (Certified WP Administrator Associate) exam

Apprentice level exams

CWDSA-apprentice (Certified Web Designer Apprentice) exam

CAW-apprentice (Certified Apprentice Webmaster) exam

CWDVA-apprentice (Certified Web Developer Apprentice) exam

CWAA-apprentice (Certified Web Administrator Apprentice) exam

CWAnim-apprentice (Certified Web Animator Apprentice) exam

CWMA-apprentice (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Apprentice) exam

CWPA-apprentice (Certified WP Administrator Apprentice) exam

Novice level exams

CWDSA-novice (Certified Web Designer Novice) exam

CWDVA-novice (Certified Web Developer Novice) exam

CWAnim-novice (Certified Web Animator Novice) exam

CWMA-novice (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Novice) exam

CWPA-novice (Certified WP Administrator Novice) exam

Additional certification exams

CECM (Certified E-Commerce Manager) exam

CWCSB (Certified Web Consultant) exam