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Adjunct Faculty Resources

Teaching Web topics as an Adjunct Professors provides some unique advantages and disadvantages. Adjunct Faculty have the advantage of working in the field but may lack the specialized training that full time teachers receive. Also, teaching part time to a diverse student population of “open enrollment” can pose its own set of challenges.

To assist the needs of instructors and a diverse student population WOW has prepared:

  • Web Professional Education and Training (online and instructor led)
  • Web curriculum resources
  • Career Pathway Resources
  • Recommended text and study guides
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • WOW Blog-Web Pro News and Interviews
  • WOW working with business and industry has prepared a number of free and a series of resources for a nominal fee to assist both the adjunct professor teaching full or part time, credit or not for credit courses.

    For additional information and availability please contact WOW so we can talk about your specific needs and how we can tailor a program that’s just right for you.