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The World Organization of Webmasters is excited to announce our Education Alliance Program! The Alliance was created to help colleges and faculties better meet their goals of teaching webmastering and web publishing and to help aspiring and practicing webmasters obtain improved education and certification. If you are a student looking for a participating college or training company view our Education & Training Partners page. If you’re a web publisher, teach web publishing or webmastering, or are involved in campus or department web production, please join WOW’s Education Alliance program.

As a member of WOW’s Higher Education Alliance you will receive products and services to help you and your campus better execute your Webmaster course of study and to keep pace with the rapid developments in the technical, business, legal and content areas of the industry. In addition, to help meet the needs of webmasters and their potential employers, WOW has created the Certified Professional Webmaster certification Program (CPW) which provides a benchmark for measuring webmasters’ skills and comparing job candidates. The CPW curriculum, designed in collaboration with WOW’s Alliance Partners addresses the needs of aspiring webmasters as well as those already working in the field. In addition, WOW also provides a modular learning pathway to become CPW-certified, allowing instructors to take classes in the order they choose and at their convenience. Alternatively, for those who desire to be proficient in a specific area, WOW offers certification of completion for each class. Passage of all ten courses will prepare one to sit for the WOW CPW exam.

For additional information about WOW’s curriculum and Education Alliance Program contact Bill Cullifer executive director of WOW. The World Organization of Webmasters looks forward to working with you to help better prepare webmasters for their future, and yours!