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WOW Certified Web Consultant-Small Business

Internet Basics
Internet Book, The: Everything You Need to Know About Computer Networking and How the Internet Works, 3/e Douglas E. Comer, Purdue University © Copyright 2000, 351 pp. Paper format ISBN: 0-13-030852-8

Markup and Scripting
HTML for fun and Profit Marry Morris, #rd Edition Sun Microsystems
HTML For Dummies® by Ed Tittel, Steve James, Steven N. James, Stephen Nelson ames

Web Site Design, Web Graphics, and Multimedia
Web Design in a Nutshell 2nd Edition by Stephen Spainhour. O’Reilly & Associates ISBN 1565923251

Web Site Management
Web Design in a Nutshell A Quick Desktop reference. Jennifer Niederst.O’Reilly & Associates ISBN 1565925157

Web Marketing and Sales
Webonomics : Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web by Evan I. Schwartz – 256 pages Reprint edition (April, 1998) Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub; ISBN: 0767901347
The Unofficial Guide To Starting a Business Online by Jason R. Rich – 400 pages 1st edition (December, 1999) Hungry Minds, Inc; ISBN: 0028633407

Fundamentals of E-Commerce
Electronic Commerce, a Managerial Perspective by Efraim Turban, Lae Lee, David King and H. Michael Chung, published by Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-975285-4.
E-Commerce and Internet Law