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Microsoft recently announced that it will be retiring a number of its technology certifications, leaving a gap for the schools and students that rely on them. We here at the Web Professionals Organization can fill this gap with our industry-recognized certifications that align with the Microsoft certifications that are being retired. As Microsoft leaves behind certifications that may not fit their product directions, the Web Professionals Organization holds no loyalty or focus to any product or company. Since our founding in 1997, our focus has been on the industry and the best practices that create successful whole professionals. 

We are not new to providing certifications for current and aspiring web professionals. For decades, our leadership team and members around the world have contributed to establishing certification standards for various companies and defining job descriptions for technology careers for the U.S. Department of Labor. We can offer schools certification options to seamlessly replace their Microsoft certification programs.

The following Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certifications are being retired:

  • MTA: Database Fundamentals
  • MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  • MTA: Security Fundamentals
  • MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Java
  • MTA: Software Development Fundamentals
  • MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python
  • MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
  • MTA: Mobility and Device Fundamentals

Click the above image to enlarge the Quick Reference Chart – Retired MTA Alignments

Our Approach

We have two paths to certification for schools and individuals. The first and traditional path is the proctored exam. Once a student is ready to get certified, they or their institution orders the exam, and then the student sits for the proctored exam. Most of the time the exam is taken at the institution where they are studying, or it may be taken at a designated site. Upon passing the exam, they are rewarded with their credentials. Cost for the exams ranges from $70-$100. 

The second path is what we refer to as our industry-relevant certification model. In this model, we combine the interactive training with the certification. This allows the learner to earn their certification incrementally as they progress through the course. At the end of the course—based on their grades, completion of the projects, and building their career-ready portfolio—the learner is rewarded with their certification without needing to sit for an exam.

Infographics-Industry-Relevant-Certification-ModelClick the above image to enlarge the Quick Reference Chart – Web Professionals Global Organization Paths to Certification

How Did We Do This? 

We partnered with curriculum provider CTeLearning to supply schools with engaging STEM curriculum and certification bundles. The certifications we offer are more valuable than those offered by testing companies, as they measure knowledge and demonstration of skills—they do not gauge how well the student can memorize a list of questions. 

Our embedded model has students earn their certifications as they work through the courseware and complete real-world technical projects. This approach removes test anxiety and results in certification recipients who know what it is like to build real projects and have a deep technical understanding of the technology.

Our certifications are not about any company’s software. They are about what a learner needs to be successful in the tech industry. This means schools do not have to worry about what software tools they are using, as the tools are all included with the curriculum for free. This allows course facilitators to focus on supporting students as well as focusing on creativity, problem solving and projects—not worrying about a software version. In industry, software is simply a tool. Tools are constantly changing, but design, development and creative problem solving are core to individual success. Our certs are about preparing students to be the “whole professional”—not someone who just knows how a piece of software operates. 

Our curriculum bundle options can be a big money saver for schools and institutions. Thanks to a partnership between the Web Professionals Organization, CTeLearning and additional Web Professionals Organization members, the cost of the certifications are being underwritten for your students. This means that programs get the course and certifications for less than they paid for the Microsoft test vouchers alone. 

Connect With Us Today

We are a community of professionals helping to drive the future of community, education and certification for web careers. Our certifications recipients and members span the U.S. as well as countries around the world in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and more. If you are a student or representative of a school who is seeking a certification program to replace your Microsoft program, we would love to talk with you. Our certifications can be deployed for your students immediately to keep them engaged and achieving.