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Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript Course

Length: 2 weeks

This Introduction to JavaScript course is designed to introduce the JavaScript language to web designers. JavaScript is the most commonly encountered client scripting language (which means it is processed by the browser). This course serves as a good introduction with practical applications to this flexible language. Topics include:

•JavaScript fundamentals and syntax
•Language essentials and the importance of the DOM (Document Object Model)
•Image and frame manipulation with JavaScript
•Form validation with JavaScript
•Scripting and the Web Accessibility Initiative

Who should take this course: This course is designed for web designer/developers who have a good understanding of how to create web pages using HTML and CSS coding, and who wish to learn the JavaScript scripting language.

What is included: Guided readings, hands-on labs, audio/ video lectures for selected topics, hands-on challenges (with solutions if you need them), constructive feedback from instructor on all assignments, and the ability to redo labs until understanding and a satisfactory grade is achieved.

For questions about WOW’s course or for registration information please contact WOW by completing the contact form on the contact page.