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Introduction to PHP

Introduction to PHP Course

Length: 2 weeks

This Introduction to PHP is designed to introduce the PHP language to web designers. PHP is a popular server-side scripting language used to add interaction to websites and to tie databases into pages to create dynamic pages. This course serves as a good introduction with practical applications to this flexible language. Topics include:

• PHP syntax
• Working with strings, arrays, and functions in PHP
• Handling form information and validation with PHP
• Cookies
• Integrated Development Environments to help write your code

Who should take this course: This course is designed for web designer/developers who have a good understanding of how to create web pages using HTML and CSS coding, and who wish to learn the PHP scripting language.

What is included: Guided readings, hands-on labs, audio/ video lectures for selected topics, hands-on challenges (with solutions if you need them), constructive feedback from instructor on all assignments, and the ability to redo labs until understanding and a satisfactory grade is achieved.

For questions about WOW’s course or for registration information please contact WOW by completing the contact form on the contact page.