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Search Specialist and Marketers

Working with representives from industry and education WOW has assembled a list of recommended resource consisting of links, books, online courses including podcast. If you have a list or if you would like to contribute to this list please contact us.

Search specialist and marketers specialize in website promotion ranging from organic listing in search engines to placing paid search add in popular search engines. To that end, the need to stay current with trends ranging from:

* Search Engine Optimization
* E-mail Marketing
* A/b Testing
* Managing and managing reputations online
* Social Media and Video Marketing
* Landing Page Optimization
* Web Analytics
* Search Engine Optimization
* Marketing 101
* Fundamental Marketing Rules
* Marketing Demographics
* Branding 101
* Publicity Vs. Advertising
* Creating New Brand Categories
* Brand Extension Vs New Brands
* Choosing a Brand Name
* International Brand Concerns
* Banner Branding Vs. Click-Thrus
* Banner Terminology
* Banner Optimization
* Pay Per Click Vs Free Banners
* Using Banner Exchanges
* Search Engines Vs Directories
* Search Engine Basics
* Search Engine Optimization
* Link Popularity and Click Popularity
* Keyword Domain Names
* Misspelled Domain Names
* About Email Campaigns
* Direct Mail vs Direct Email
* Avoiding Spam Email
* Opt-out and Opt-in Email
* Purchased vs Rented Email Lists
* Building A Better Email
* Running Your Own Newsletter
* E-Promotions and Newsgroups
* Press Releases
* Using Affiliate Programs
* Building Your Own Affiliate Program

Video Resources