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Web Professionals and CTeLearning would like to congratulate Samuel T, the first recipient of the Remote Working Professional (RWP) Certification in Africa. As a resident of Nigeria, Samuel completed the RWP course and earned his certification all on his mobile phone, which allowed him to work on the certification anytime and anywhere. 

Samuel earned his certification by answering a series of questions at the end of each chapter on what a competent remote working professional should know. Samuel also completed the Interview Preparation Course, which prepares learners for interviewing for a job in the remote working world. Samuel is now an in-demand remote working professional equipped with an international industry-recognized certification (IIRC) that is recognized by companies around the globe. 

Remote Working Careers Africa Nigeria


Samuel discussed the impact the course will have on his professional career: “I took this course when I was working remotely for a tech company. It taught me a lot of things I didn’t consider beforehand, especially as someone new to the world of remote working. One of the awesome things I love about this course is listening to a plethora of remote working professionals and the useful tips they give based on their years of experience. I strongly recommend this course to everyone working or considering working remotely.”

Remote Working Certification First African Nigeria

Samuel is not new to certifications or seeking opportunities to grow his skills and is always looking for his next step in building his career and shaping his future to allow him to follow his passions and make his family proud. In September 2020, Samuel earned his Certified Professional Web Developer Certification from the Web Professionals Organization ( A month later Samuel was hired onto a development project with a US-based company thanks to his certification and newfound connections as a member of the Web Professionals Organization. 

Joshua Frisch, Co-Author of the Remote Working Professional Course, said, “Samuel embodies the type of remote learner that we are so excited to help with this course. Samuel showed that no matter where you are located in the world, you can transform your career to thrive in the new remote working economy. Samuel completed the course lessons, earned an international industry-recognized certification that is in-demand among companies, and prepared to interview for remote working positions—all by going through the course on his smartphone from his home and school. We are excited for Nigeria and Africa to have their first recipient of the RWP certification, and we are looking forward to having students across the rest of the globe join Samuel and others who have completed the course and earned certifications.”

Mark DuBois, Executive Director of the Web Professionals Organization, said “All of us here at the Web Professionals Organization love seeing people take control of their futures. Taking charge of your education and investing in yourself is always the right choice. We appreciate that Samuel looked to our community of professionals to find the support and certification to add to his growing skills to help take his passions to the global marketplace. His story is not that uncommon—he knows that the world of work has changed and he can take his skills and build a career that spans continents. We are excited to welcome more like Samuel into the Web Professionals Organization.”

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