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Consumers expect to use products and services from anywhere – and often on the go. Connected devices are no longer only phones, laptops, wearables’, smart coffee machines, or even talking fridges. We’re stepping further with smart houses, connected city infrastructure, intelligent assistants, and highly automated vehicles.

Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2018 have brought consumers the greatest hype around automation, connectivity, and augmented reality we could only dare to perceive.

New technology trends in 2018

  • Autonomous technology is turning delivery services upside down
  • Drones are playing the piano and could be doing much more
  • Augmented reality builds trust between drivers and driverless cars
  • Intelligent home assistants. Alexa, Siri and Google – a war that hasn’t even begun
  • Voices, voices everywhere. Infrastructure and cars are really talking

Emerging Technology Pic

The automotive industry is gaining a new role as a hub that helps businesses in various fields transform their products and services into on-the-go solutions and adapt to the future mobile-first and autonomous-first world. We can read this article to know more about latest trends in technology.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps For 2018

From wrangling words to shooting photos, these productivity powerhouses will help you get more done in less time. Sometimes the best way to escape from a productive rut is to switch up your tools. Whether it’s a simple word processor, a smarter to-do list, or a more efficient way to transcribe interviews, downloading some new apps can help manage your time and produce better work. The recent article by Jared Newman focuses on some of the best productivity apps for phones, tablets, and computers that launched in the last year or got a substantial upgrade.

How AI actually learns how to think

People understandably have a lot of questions about how exactly artificial intelligence works. How could a machine understand nuance and context like a human brain can? Is creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) that sophisticated really possible? The answers lie with AI systems like Watson: IBM’s boundary-pushing technology, a collaborative effort designed to amplify human intelligence. Watson is on the cutting edge of cognitive computing, which means it thinks and learns. So how, exactly, does it do that? Then you must read this article by Mashable.

More news in Technology World

In IBM Think 2018, the company’s flagship conference, where the company will unveil what it claims is the world’s smallest computer. This is literally smaller than a grain of salt. It is not only the size but this sucker has the computing power of the x86 chip from 1990. We need a microscope to see it. The computer will cost less than ten cents to manufacture, and will also pack “several hundred thousand transistors,” according to the company. These will allow it to “monitor, analyze, communicate, and even act on data.” Here is the link to read more and see the photos of actual size of the computer.

Latest Technology trends articles

This week is all about new Technology Trends which might be the future trends. But we keep in mind ‘Change is the only constant.’ Every week we try to deliver something new and informational. We hope you find these resources and overviews useful. We always look forward to your comments and feedback (whether you are a member or not).

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