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The following material was provided by Helen Miller (TemplateMonster). We thought Web Professionals should be aware of this new marketplace.

TemplateMonster has over 15 years of experience, and offers a ‘boundless ocean’ of wordpress themes and 60,000 templates holding the promise of making users’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Having the right business wordpress theme can jump start any project and save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. As of now, TemplateMonster has become a digital marketplace and welcomes talented vendors from all over the world.

So, what’s the idea behind the digital marketplace? That’s simple as that. This marketplace is the right place where even a beginner can start earning their first $1,000 with the focus on what matters. Starting a business is challenging, but the digital marketplace opens a new world of possibilities. For more experienced web developers this means a way to a more recognizable and reputable business with an income up to $10,000. It still makes sense if you’re looking for opportunities to increase your revenue streams and to earn extra money. How about earning up to 70% commission from each sale of your digital product?

Welcome to TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Why is This Important to Web Professionals?

Important thing is that both beginners and professional web developers can benefit from becoming a vendor on TemplateMonster digital marketplace. Simply put, this marketplace is a huge platform that gathers together the most skilled and talented professionals from the web development industry in a single place. What’s more, depending on the earnings a vendor wishes to get, he can sell either exclusive or non-exclusive products. So, if you’re a professional web developer willing to go any length to achieve your goal, get up to 70% commission from each sale for your exclusive products. Here’s a head’s up for you – it’s worth doing it for the long run.

Top Reasons to Become a Vendor on TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Everything in this world has a reason and that reason has a purpose. With a great purpose to help gifted web developers to succeed, there’s a number of reasons why to join the digital marketplace. Since it offers a leeway for gaining the attention, getting a wider customer reach, and making your name more recognizable for the audience, don’t waste your valuable time and become a vendor today.

So, what’s the cut for a vendor?

  • Once you become a vendor, you get one account for selling both exclusive and non-exclusive products. (In comparison, on Theme Forest vendors can sell either exclusive or non-exclusive products.)
  • It takes 12 hours for a digital product to be reviewed, 1-3 days for more complex digital works. (2 weeks is an average time on ThemeForest.)
  • No limitations on the number of products to upload or send for review at once. (On ThemeForest, a vendor can upload 1 product to one category at once.)
  • With a ’Quick Start’ a vendor can earn higher commission from each sale faster.
  • With the ’Ticket System’ a vendor can get quick responses from the Review Team.
  • The ability to assign more than 1 category to the digital products.
  • No location restrictions. Net15 payments should be enough.

How to Become a Vendor on TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Here are 4 basic steps needed to become a vendor on this digital marketplace.

  • Sign in the author application. Here, you need to specify what types of digital products you create and whether you’d like them to be sold on the marketplace.
  • Get in touch with the personal manager. No worries, the personal manager will take care of all the organizational issues, clarify the details about the files you submit and the way you’d like to cash your earnings.
  • Once the product page is designed, you’ll receive an email notification.
  • Start earning money. Receive earnings from the themes sod on a monthly basis.

Why Does It Matter Now?

Start with the experience and interests you can’t get enough. Become a vendor on the digital marketplace to make more money and receive top rankings from the clients. However, it’s important to note, your earnings directly depend on the quality of the themes you sell. That’s right. The better the product you sell, the bigger the chance to earn more income. What’s more, each item can be rated and commented by a client. This may leave the more positive feedback and higher ratings.

Don’t waste your valuable time and promote your themes. Here’s a head’s up for you – TemplateMonster is known for its seasonal promo campaigns and discounts. Thus, if you’re really serious about making money as a professional web developer, decide whether you want those discounts to be applied to your digital products or let them stay available at the regular price. Still, you can promote your digital products through multiple venues like a personal blog, social media, affiliate program, or site. Choose your way to winning the battle for attention.

Weighing Exclusive Vis-à-vis Non-Exclusive Products

Welcome to TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Since TemplateMonster digital market accepts both exclusive and non-exclusive digital products, the vendor is responsible to decide whether to sell it exclusively at TemplateMonster and get up to 70% commission from each sale, or on other sites also and get 40% commission maximum. That’s an issue worth thinking about, isn’t it?

Besides, take time to learn the types of digital products allowed submit to the digital marketplace.

Welcome to TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

Why Should a Web Professional Take Advantage of These Offers/Opportunities?

If you’re a professional web developer, you have no room for error. Take a chance to expand your client base and boost your earnings. Once you become a vendor on the digital marketplace, a team of marketers, designers, and coders will review your digital product. If built properly in accordance with the requirements explained in the ’Vendor Agreement’, you’ll be suggested with the lowest and the highest cost of the digital product. However, as a vendor, you can adjust it within a 15% price range.

Welcome to TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

The best part is that in case you face any hurdles, your personal advisor will never leave you alone. With your personal advisor, you can get rid of all that worries.

If you’re passionate about what you do and excited about how you do it, get involved and become a vendor. With the human desire to grow, there’s always room for improvement. Taking advantage of the opportunities the digital marketplace offers can enhance your career and achieve your leadership goals.

The bottom line is that you have a choice. Grab the moment to get involved in TemplateMonster’s staggeringly powerful collection of beautiful website templates. Take your business to new heights.

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