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Website Design Trends for 2019

For those who are already thinking about 2019 and what web design trends will be popular, we provide a starting analysis. Technological advancement has revolutionized the way we interact, socialize and do business and there will continue to be significant innovation and improvements in web design in 2019 and beyond. We all want our clients to get greatest and latest when it comes to their sites so it is not too soon to be thinking about 2019 trends in this area.

We found a lot more information about these new design trends in 2019 at Website Trends – 2019.

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10 Predicted Trends of 2019

  1. The Rise of CSS3 Animations – Animations have hit the web market. They are being used in the websites to enhance a site’s experience and make it more interactive. Animations include background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, micro-interactions. CSS animation is a powerful feature which has gained serious attraction by the users. SVG animations have set the new standards into the field of web animation. There is no quality loss in SVG graphic even if we render or resize.
  2. Parallax scrolling – Take the visitors on a journey about your product and they will love it. Parallax helps you to grab attention and create a certain sphere around your products. It helps you to promote a greater chance of connecting because the innovative design improves the site’s desirability. Such parallax websites provide a dynamic experience which encourages the user to stay longer on the page.
  3. Typography improvements – A beautiful art of arranging the text and making it more appealing when displayed. Playing with fonts would be risked if you fail to choose. Perfect font, size of font, spacing between the lines.
  4. Material DesignThere are a certain minor thing which you change and the users will love. It is a design framework developed by Google which provides amazing benefits to the user. We expect both material design and flat design will continue to be popular in 2019.
  5. . Video Headers – Video headers are becoming popular. The best thing is to keep a dark video with light text. It creates a great impact with good readability. Above that YouTube makes it simple if the user wants to add the embed code for the video. Don’t forget to make certain your video is captioned and accessible for all.
  6. Icon Library Icons have taken a huge place in the website market. Developers take more advantage in making their design more eye catchy. The best part in using the Icon Library is that we can apply CSS effects to them. Icons have vector graphic, so the image is scalable without losing the quality. The size of the image is small so it helps to load into the website faster and above that, it supports all the browsers.
  7. Card Layouts – Websites now being responsive, the web pages are broken into smaller parts called Card Layout. Each card/the constituent part of the page will have information viz. title, an image, certain icons etc. There might contain a short note/product information. N number of websites have digested the card-based layout.
  8. Hero ImagesUsing big images has been the latest trend on the website nowadays. It creates a great visual impact on the store visitor. Parallax scrolling works best when you use the Hero Images because the design gets divided into screens which creates uniqueness in your website.
  9. Responsive Design Any website design having flexibility among all the screen resolutions and the devices are the most important approach among all the trends. The optimal viewing experience makes it easy for the viewers in reading the content at their ease, resizing, scrolling from desktop to mobile is not an issue now. It creates a great user experience and is cost-effective which is also recommended by Google. It is very easy to manage as the website has one URL and HTML, regardless of the device. As it makes it easier for users to share and interact with the link provided.
  10. The Hamburger MenuHamburger Menu is simply three parallel horizontal lines which are used as a button on the website. Different themes and project take different types of Hamburger Menu in order to complement the design. It is usually displayed on the top left or right. There are many users who do not have the idea about the hamburger menu. But there is one simple solution if we pair the icon with the word “MENU” it will help to increase the interactions.

Some more 2019 Web Design Trends

Staying current on web design trends is crucial to the success of your website. A lot changes every twelve months in terms of popularity with visuals, algorithm updates, and best practices. In the article 2019 Web Design Trends we can read about more Website Design Trends.

  1. Speed – How much time get to make a good impression with a potential customer
  2. Flat Design – Flat design doesn’t mean that everything is reduced down to two dimensions and it’s all about minimalism and usability. This is Apple’s approach and is somewhat counter to Google’s Materials design. We expect to see both increase in popularity next year. For those who need a refresher on these terms, we recommend this article at 99designs.
  3. Mobile First – With mobile sites taking priority away from desktop sites, it’s no wonder that mobile first design has become a trend. Mobile first web design is about changing the way that websites are designed fundamentally. We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.
  4. Broken Grid/Asymmetrical Layouts – When we talk about broken grids or asymmetrical layouts, this refers to the grid system that has been used for decades on all kinds of layouts, from web pages to newspapers to print and outdoor ads.
  5. Shapes – As a middle ground trend between the minimalism of flat design and the controlled chaos of broken grid lies the trend of geometric shapes.
  6. Single Page Design – Speed and minimalism are the trends that come up again and again when talking about web design in 2019, which is a major reason why single page design, also known as page-less design.
  7. Video Backgrounds – with speed being such a huge factor this year that videos would bog down a site too much, but, interestingly, video backgrounds have been shown to increase conversions.
  8. Micro-Animations – Micro-animations are a powerful way to provide an intuitive and satisfying experience to your user as they browse your website. This is accomplish through small animations that help the user understand the site and validate them when they mouse over or click on an element, such as changing the color of a button when the cursor moves over it.
  9. Chatbots/Machine Learning – Over the last several years, interacting and communicating with bots has become more and more normal. Bots, or chatbots, are becoming increasingly common on websites and micro-interactions across digital media.

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In this week we reviewed web site design trends for 2019. If you are working with clients or thinking of redesigning a site, we recommend you think about these trends. As always, we are interested in your comments and insights.

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